Jörg Hassmann  CI was the starting point for my dance passion in ’92. Soon I was driven by creating dance and theatre pieces, bringing improvisation on stage. Anatomy based movement explorations, contemporary dance, ideas from BMC, Capoeira, play and the joy of discovery became my main influences. In 1995 I started teaching CI and dance improvisation. A couple of years later I noticed that dance had become my full time occupation and I happily imagine to continue for another 30 years. Together with Daniel Werner I developed a systematic approach to contact technique  through teaching a CI training programme for many years (www.dancecontact.de). I love creating and developing frames to share and explore the dance. So I do as the artistic director of the annual Contact Festival “contact-meets-contemporary” in Goettingen and – let’s say as a mentor – at the Contact Festival Madrid and the  moving-body event in Berlin.