On Thursday 14.6. from 12 pm onwards, registration 2-4.30pm with enough time to settle in and to get to know the place until our first meal at 6:30 pm. And then of course we’ll jam!

Please set up your mind for 4 days living together under basic conditions. You will share rooms with other people, not super neat, clean or soundproof, no high-end bathrooms, very simple farm life style. You can pray and impress the weather gods, that the beautiful outside spaces will become our main living area. Otherwise we will have it cosy together …


We end together on Sunday afternoon after lunch and clean up around 3pm.

In between

… we live and dance together. In the mornings we’ll have a common start, checking in what needs to be adjusted, hearing wishes & offers for the day. The mornings and evenings will have a focus on jamming. We have an outside dance floor and a nice barn with a new floor as the biggest space. A third space is available the whole day for any kind of needs and ideas.

The afternoons are open for activities, which can be suggested and facilitated by everyone. Like dance dates, specific laboratories, witnessing scores, authentic movement, group walks & talks and other ideas that might emerge. We will provide a structure to clarify the ‘when, where and what’.

Living together includes, that everyone will do simple chores like chopping vergetables, doing the dishes, setting the tables, sweeping the dance floors …

We imagine 4 days living and dancing together with space for individual needs and timings, in a way that a nurturing and surprising journey as a whole group can emerge. We are curious and happy to facilitate and balance the bigger structures to support this process.