Arrival by train from Berlin/Hauptbahnhof

Train number RE 63849 leaves Thursday 1. Sep 9.25 a.m. at Track 14 to Schwerin. In Schwerin change train to OE 68977, leaves at 12.29 a.m. from Track 4a. This train arrives in Crivitz at 12.57 p.m. From here you can walk to the venue in 45 min through a wonderful forest. There will be as well a shuttle service with private cars from the train station. Please come with this train at this time, we can not pick you up from another train in another time.

To make this trip as comfortable and economic as possible you should travel in a group of 5 people. The cheapest is to travel in groups of 4 or 5 with two Ländertickets (Brandenburg-Berlin und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) for 4/5 People: 64,-/68,- Or with the special mini group Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket for 4/5 People: 68,-/76,- You will get those on the automat in the train station or on Bycicles cost € 5 extra.


The way back on sunday

will be cheaper with the Schöne-Wochenend-Ticket, € 58 for 6 persons. Leaving 17.01 in Crivitz, arriving 20.34 Berlin Hauptbahnhof.


Come by car

If your planning to come with your own car please bring as many people as possible with you! We will send you a few weeks before the Jam a participation list , use this to get in contact with each other. Please take special care to include the people from other countries arriving by plane in Berlin. If you might have a place to stay before or after the Jam, please offer it to those they will be very thankful. If you are planning to come by car, please inform us as well, that we can arrange enough parking areas.


Share Informations

You can share informations, looking for a ride or communicate about a place to stay in Berlin before you come to the Jam through the mailing list and in our facebook event.



Hof „Amseltango“, Lindenstrasse 10, 19089 Barnin.