Out of Berlin Jam

June 7-10th  2018 at Lake Barnin


Between Berlin & Hamburg our residential Jam will happen in an old farmhouse in the country side, with a big garden directly on a lake. Cosy housing and organic, vegetarian food will be provided. We want to spend 4 days away from the city pace to focus on dancing and being together. We imagine it as a mindful and focussed jamming time where a sense of centeredness can find an alive expression in our CI practise.

This Jam is a Jam and not a Festival. We will provide only a few simple frames and condensation points, where our individual journeys can come together and find some spices to make the next steps. The beautiful nature around will feed our senses and needs in refreshing ways.

In this open frame with only little guidance participants need to feel at home in the practice of contact improvisation.

We want to nurture the trust that everyone here wants to find deeper connections in the body and to others through the dance. Learning is a natural part of this. Desires to socialize will find enough space outside the dance, in the sauna, refreshing bath in the lake, open fire in the garden, spacious kitchen and living room.

We hope that the experiences here will float back into the regional Jams.

Joerg Hassmann, Nadja Schwarzenbach & Volker Eschmann